lose the weight, not the stability.

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A tripod is heavy and cumbersome.

Go ahead - DITCH IT!

meet Steadify

the world's smallest stabilizer

Tripods are heavy and cumbersome.
Go ahead - DITCH IT!

meet Steadify


Every image a crisp shot. No need to set up a tripod. Total stability on the go. In addition, Steadify compensates the weight of your camera and even heavy lenses entirely.


Smooth camera movements without the need for a jib or tripod. Steadify plays amazingly with electronic gimbals too: you don’t feel the weight, yet you have complete freedom over your shots.


Steadify combines flexibility with stability. It carries the weight of field glasses of every size. Now you can follow your target easily and enjoy a clear, stable view without fatigue.

Stability meets Flexibility

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Live Lightly.

At a fraction of the size and weight of a tripod, Steadify even fits into small compartments.

Total Mobility.

Take Steadify to the edge of your courage - and enjoy crisp images for every shot.

Smooth Videos.

Feel the confidence of Steadify's support in every camera movement.

Lightning Fast.

Never miss a shot. Steadify's one-handed setup takes less than a second, even from your bike.

Works on any Ground.

Steadify thrives where tripods sink. Get superior stability anywhere you go.

Wear it, don't carry it.

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Steadify in Detail

how to work with Steadify

get more out of Steadify

Quick-Release Ball-Head

The optional ball-head with ARCA® quick-release plate provides additional stability


store your SD cards and spare batteries safely with the LOXX®-secured Pocket Clip right at your side.

your steady companion

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Peter Sanderson, Canada

“Steadify is beautifully made, to the standard I have come to expect from German engineering. I used the it in the field photographing some wading birds with my Fuji 100-400 zoom lens with 1.4 teleconverter.The results were pin sharp. Your device does everything you said it would.”

Joaquin de Arquer Bianc, Spain

“On my last journey to the Antarctic I shot some spontaneous images with my 300 mm lens that I would not have been able to capture without Steadify. A truly great product.”

Stephen Thomson, Australia

“The Steadify has given me greater control of my gear in the field.  That means it has given me easier and faster access to my subjects. I no longer must carry my tripod or monopod across fences, into the mud of dams, through brush, or when I jump out of my car to ‘grab’ a series of images, such as the Black-shouldered Kite.”

about us

Swift Design is founded and run by father -son team Gert and Tobias Wagner.

A photographer, filmmaker, and adventurer, Gert has traveled the globe for renowned international brands and magazines. As inventor, he has created the flexible autofocus of today’s cameras and, of course, Steadify.

Tobias is a member of the German Academy of Film , specialising in film music and post production.

Creativity is in the family.

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